Social Change


Social Change is Australia’s Hip Hop supreme team, featuring the emcee Social Change, renown music producer Funkwig, and champion turntablist DJ Snair.

Social Change has been a fixture in the Adelaide Hip Hop scene for over a decade. The group has previously released their self titled EP (1998), “V.High.E.P” (2007), single “Real” (2008), maxi single “Double Banger” (2009) and the “Fat Pockets Phat Tape” (2010). Funkwig has produced for numerous artists including Lazy Grey, Hilltop Hoods and the Resin Dogs. DJ Snair is 4 time National DMC runner up, and multiple DMC and ITF state champion for South Australia and Queensland. As an emcee Social Change has previously won the Vocal Lords freestyle competition (2000), and placed second at the Word Adelaide freestyle competition (2013), and has conducted rhyme expression workshops across Australia in both schools and youth facilities.

Social Change has played most of Australia on their Road Trip tour in 2008-09 and their Phat Tape tour in 2010, and they also featured on the LevelHeaded “Spice Of Life” Tour in 2011, and the “Alliance Tour” in 2013 with Pang Productions and Crate Cartel. Social Change has previously supported fellow Australian and international artists such as Def Wish Cast, Delta, Hilltop Hoods, Simplex, Briggs, The Optimen, Thundamentals, Mystic JourneyMen, Grandmaster Flash, Jurassic 5, Kool Keith, DOOM, Immortal Technique, Paris, Masta Ace, DJ Premier and the Beatnuts to name just a few.

Not just a live performer Social Change is also responsible for operating the Butterthief recording label. As a show promoter Social Change has promoted and hosted nearly 20 shows locally and interstate including the labels own “ButterJam” series. As label manager Social Change has personally overseen the releases of many butterthief projects including the debut CDs by Dialect, Taylor Made Tactix, Matchless Gift, Ben Iota (Bornski), Everyday, Kimence and Speekup, and as a graphic designer Social Change has designed many album packages including Dialect & Despair’s “The Vortex” and “Self Evident”, Tomorrow and Everyday’s “Occupy all Beats” and Delta’s “Alien” and “Pyramid Schemes” releases.

Social Change has featured on numerous artists projects such as F&D’s “Worship The Grit” (2005), Dialect’s “Rugged Uncut Project” (2008) and Dialect & Despair’s “The Vortex” (2010). After a small recording hiatus Social Change re-appeared in 2012 on tracks “Middle West” from the “Inquire Within” EP by Matchless gift and “Dreams” from the album “Monster” by Chris Bass. In 2013 Social Change featured on “Qualify” from “The Truth EP” by Joe Duigan and the “Money Trees 7” by Everyday.

More recently Social Change finally released their first track in a few years with the single “100”. The song is taken from their upcoming full length album and is streaming now on Soundcloud. “100” is set to be released on CD & 12” vinyl this summer along with b-side “The Weight” featuring Dialect. With a stack of new collaborations in the bag with fellow Hip Hop artists Full Tote Odds, Joe Duigan, Soul Elixr, Progress and Traen, and a full length album on the way, we are sure to be hearing more from Social Change in 2015.