Smegz MC


With over 1,000 written songs and 400 recorded tracks Smegz quickly proved to the world that he was made for the music. Manifesting a natural ability to create something out of nothing resulted in Smegz’ mass production in the booth. Finding inspiration comes easy. Smegz has always been the essence of quality and quantity, sometimes writing and recording up to 3 songs in a day. The 23 year old rapper has released more than 15 independent music videos in 2016 alone.

In 2012, Smegz cemented his spot on stages all over Adelaide by performing the first Hip-Hop set ‘The Cavern’ had hosted. With a “larger than life” stage presence and infectious energy Smegz became a regular act at ‘The Cavern’. After many solo performances Smegz began managing Hip-Hop events with Artists from all over Australia and the world, introducing a new movement in the Adelaide Underground.

This was the foundation that brought Smegz to the main stage performing at Adelaide’s most recognized venues including HQ, The Gov & XL Superclub and supporting superstars from all over the world including; Obie Trice, Necro, Rugged Man, Xzibit, Madchild & Dirty Dike.

Soon after Smegz’ final show as a performer and event manager at ‘The Cavern’, the aspiring rapper lost his mother to suicide. A few months shy of 18 Smegz was faced with a harsh reality and began using various drugs and alcohol as a void for his loss. The tragedy had a dramatic impact which instantly became evident in his music and still is today.

Smegz remains as one of the most relevant rappers in Adelaide and is credited for his clever, yet contraversial content and versatility. Frequently releasing new music accompanied by video clips, the majority of which are self-produced. After already releasing over 10 new singles in 2016 alone, Smegz is now focusing on his EP “The Debut” scheduled to be released early 2017 through Adelaide Records.