Is Mastacraft the next great MC from overseas? With with co­signs from respectable MCs in hip-hop such as Obie Trice, members of D12 and veteran MC Madchild of Swollen Members, you can’t deny this fast growing lyrical maestro is on his way but we’ll let you decide and check his all­star rap sheet in his own words:

They say any publicity is good publicity, well thanks to the world media and TMZ he was shot into the public eye in 2014 by having the Pimp My Ride star Xzibit throw a tantrum and a chair at him capping off a turbulent year where he lost all his sponsorships, his manager, and many personal losses. It is safe to say at this point labels weren’t returning his calls anymore; but this didn’t stop him from continuing to create what he loves….music because life’s journey’s always can fuel your art. The long awaited album #f*ckyoupatrick ft. D12, Madchild and the self­titled track revealing the supernatural truth behind the infamous incident with Xzibit drops this March free with all the proceeds from the album being donated to a suicide awareness
charity. While the album is based on satire and comedy with its lead off tracks it goes deeper
into his psyche. There is a range of songs covering his own personal battles with mental health where he openly raps about the loss of loved ones, suicide, addiction and his own inner demons in a hope to inspire younger fans down the right path and shed light on controversial issues.

So who exactly is this guy? Mastacraft real name Patrick Whyntie is of Irish descent currently residing in Adelaide Australia where he moved from a tiny coastal region of South Australia.

Often confused for a young Zac de la rocha he wears the signature dreadlocks and certainly rages against the machine having overcome many public industry setbacks to have promoted and been booked onto many successful national tours since 2010. Love him or hate him there is no denying a very interesting view on the industry through his music. In his own words; “I get mixed write­ups in sub­par magazines out here in Australia. I’ve worked, toured and beefed with most of your idols. Dirt Nasty is hilarious. Pornstars Ron Jeremy and Alexis Texas featured in one of my music videos. Shot tequila with Obie Trice. Toured twice with Tech N9ne. Recorded
with members of D12. Had not just Xzibit but Kid Cudi try to extort us, throw a tantrum then
trash a stage in Melbourne. Had shifty from Crazytown tell the whole tour bus about escaping
rehab, swimming a shark infested ocean and finding more cocaine and well plenty more!”.

His local buzz started in 2010 when Ease The Pain came second in Nova FM’s public voting comp and he worked closely alongside many established artists. Since then he has gone into building his own niche fan base preaching to a lost youthful generation, garnering over 500,000 plays across social media, supporting some of the biggest international artists, played several music festivals and had many songs feature in comedic sensation Alex Williamsons viral videos. Every dollar from music sales so far has gone to charities or
awareness such as Beyond Blue showing the real side to Patrick lays focused on giving back to
the community and youth.

He’s determined to make it and be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and one
thing is for sure. He’s going continue putting his soul into his music and giving back to those in need.


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